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Strengthening Health Centers Through Tailored Services

At TPCA, we’re not just a membership association, we're a strategic partner in ensuring all Tennesseans have access to quality, patient-centric primary care. Our comprehensive services are designed to empower our members and advance our shared mission.

Networking Opportunities

Through our TPCA Community Hub, TPCA cultivates invaluable networking opportunities for leaders and staff within community health centers across the state. These dynamic forums serve as hubs for fostering collaboration, exchanging best practices, and sharing insights. By facilitating connections and knowledge-sharing among peers, TPCA empowers health centers to enhance their operations and elevate the quality of healthcare delivery across Tennessee.

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Customized Support

TPCA is dedicated to providing personalized support to Tennessee's community health centers, addressing their unique needs with precision and expertise. Our customized assistance encompasses targeted solutions, tailored consulting services, and hands-on guidance. With a steadfast commitment to enhancing operational efficiency, we empower health centers to navigate complexities and effectively serve the diverse healthcare needs of their communities.

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Education and Resources

At TPCA, we recognize that knowledge is paramount to success. That's why we are committed to providing comprehensive education opportunities tailored to the needs of community health centers. Through our curated sessions and resources, we equip health centers with the skills and insights needed to navigate evolving healthcare landscapes, elevate patient care standards, and drive continuous improvement. Our dedication to education ensures that our members remain at the forefront of industry best practices, delivering unparalleled services to their communities.

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Health Policy and Advocacy

TPCA serves as the voice for Tennessee's community health centers, championing their interests and amplifying their voices in the political arena. We monitor legislative, budgetary, and regulatory developments, advocating  on behalf of our members at both state and federal levels. By forging strong relationships with policymakers, submitting public comments on regulations, and spearheading legislative initiatives, we ensure that community health centers remain at the forefront of policy discussions and decision-making processes.

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Exclusion and Debarment

TPCA understands the critical importance of compliance for community health centers. Our Exclusion and Debarment service offers peace of mind by meticulously screening employees, vendors, contractors, board members, and volunteers against federal and state exclusion lists. By proactively identifying and addressing compliance risks, we help health centers maintain integrity, reduce liabilities, and uphold their commitment to ethical practices.

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