TPCA Member Benefits

TPCA is honored to serve as your strategic partner in enhancing access to quality care for every Tennessean. 

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We empower our members with shared resources, amplify their voices at the state and federal levels, and foster a collaborative community. 

With TPCA's focus on the well-being of health centers, we are committed to providing you with the necessary tools and support to foster collaborative engagement, harness the unique strengths of your center, and continue the delivery of exemplary, accessible healthcare within your community.

As a valued community health center member of TPCA, you can take advantage of the following opportunities:


Create connections with fellow health center peers through our dedicated networking groups and listservs, fostering relationships poised for impactful collaboration.


TPCA actively advocates at the state and federal level and your membership grants you a voice in shaping policies, promoting awareness, and driving positive impact.

Customized Support

Our team of seasoned experts stands ready to provide tailored guidance across an array of subject matters, ranging from advocacy to health information technology, ensuring your specific needs are met.


Engage in our webinars and in-person sessions, thoughtfully curated to equip health centers with the knowledge and skills you and your team need today and for tomorrow.

Resources and Tools

We are excited to be bringing you a new website and online community space to share insights, resources, and best practices.

Recognition and Awards

Celebrate the accomplishments of your team through our esteemed Awards of Excellence recognition opportunities.


Not sure which membership type or partnership level suits you best? 
Contact Susan Swartz, our Communications and Marketing Director, for personalized assistance and guidance in making the right choice for your needs.

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