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Each year, the Association honors health center staff, board members, and community supporters for their exceptional gifts of time, effort and dedication to the Community Health movement. Nominations for the Association's Awards of Excellence are accepted year-round online by clicking on the nomination form located under each award description below. Awards are given annually.

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Caryl E. Carpenter Excellence in Community Support Award

Focus: Community Supporter of Primary Health Care Services

This award recognizes an individual, not employed by a health center, for their support of community health center programs though their participation on the board, as policy makers, or in the community.

Examples include demonstrated success in strengthening the work of community health centers or promoting a health center in its community.

This award, named in honor of Caryl E. Carpenter, Ph.D., recognizes outstanding achievement in expanding access to primary health care services. Dr. Carpenter administered rural community health centers in East Tennessee and served as the association's first president, from 1976 to 1978. Her work with state policy makers contributed to the passage of the Primary Care Act of 1980, which improved access to care.

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Charles E. Darling Organization of Excellence Award

Focus: Improving Healthcare for Vulnerable Populations

This award recognizes a team or organization that has exhibited innovation and dedication to the delivery of primary care to vulnerable populations.

Examples include efforts that use creativity/innovation to improve treatment, access, and/or delivery of primary health care to patients who are homeless, immigrants, poor, live in a remote rural area, or are otherwise outside of mainstream health care services.

This award, named in honor of Dr. Charles E. Darling, recognizes outstanding achievement in organizing, delivering, and/or financing health services to vulnerable populations. Dr. Darling dedicated his life to serving the prenatal health needs of women in East Tennessee, regardless of their ability to pay.

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Logan Beasley Leadership Excellence Award

Focus: Expanding Access to Primary Health Care Through Leadership

This award recognizes an individual within a health center who has demonstrated leadership skills resulting in the expansion of primary health care access.

Examples include leadership resulting in a new clinic, a new service(s), and/or new partners for health center. Individuals nominated may be recognized for developing outreach efforts, showing creativity in expanding primary health care, dedication to community services, and the lasting impact of new projects.

This award recognizes individuals who provide outstanding service in support of member organizations. Throughout his career with the U.S. Public Health Service, Logan Beasley steadfastly worked both regionally and with individual centers to develop primary care services and to strengthen community health centers.

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Outstanding Practitioner of the Year

Focus: Expanding Access to Primary Health Care Through Leadership

Focus: Leadership, Community Involvement, Patient Care
This award recognizes a clinical practitioner, employed by an organizational member of the association, whose work has demonstrated outstanding leadership, community involvement, and dedication to patient care.

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Susan P. Smith Award

This award, named in honor of Susan P. Smith, recognizes outstanding contributions in advancing health center programs and working to strengthen the partnerships between health centers and Association staff.  Smith was a certificated family nurse practitioner and a member of the U. S. Public Health Service Commission Corps.  In the mid-70s, she provided nursing services to a community health center in Bean Station, Tennessee.  She also helped organize the Association and served on its board as an officer and director for three years.

The TPCA staff select the recipient of this award.

Irwin Venick Advocate Award

This award recognizes an individual, either a member or non-member of the Association, who has been an advocate for accessible health care for all individuals and communities.

This award, named in honor of Irwin Venick, Attorney-at-Law, recognizes excellence in advocacy for supporting, promoting and improving access to comprehensive, high quality, cost-effective health care for all Tennesseans. Venick has distinguished himself in the areas of employment law, civil rights, and community-based primary care services, and is a longtime advocate for quality of care and equity for low-income and disenfranchised populations. He has been a steadfast supporter of the Association and of non-profit community health centers, serving as legal counsel for many.  He also helped organize the Association and served on its board.

The TPCA Executive Committee selects the recipient of this award.

Kathy Wood-Dobbins Executive Leadership Award

This award recognizes an individual, either a member or non-member of the Association, who, within their role as executive leader of an organization, advocates vigorously for health centers and their patients, resulting in support and recognition of the quality primary care provided by health centers in our Tennessee communities.

Examples include: developing critical partnerships, facilitating new or sustained funding, and ongoing dedication to the community health center model and mission.

Throughout her lengthy career with the Tennessee Primary Care Association, Kathy Wood-Dobbins worked with health centers, stakeholders, and advocates to ensure continued support and recognition of Tennessee’s community health centers, providing critical access to primary care for communities across the state of Tennessee.

The TPCA Executive Committee selects the recipient of this award.

William V. Corr Award

This award, named in honor of William V. Corr, J.D., recognizes outstanding leadership resulting in health policy development or innovative program implementation in Tennessee. Corr organized and administered community health services in East Tennessee.  He worked with state policy makers to analyze Tennessee law and its impact on the delivery of primary care.  His work laid the foundation for future primary care policy.

The TPCA Executive Committee selects the recipient of this award.