TPCA Announces 2022-2024 Strategic Plan

Announces 2022-2024 Strategic Plan
January 26, 2022
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Tennessee Primary Care Association’s (TPCA) is pleased to announce the release of a new three-year strategic plan, Advancing the Health of Tennessee. The plan focuses on building collaborative engagement, leveraging the unique strengths of Tennessee health centers, and the continued delivery of high-quality, accessible health care. 
Advancing the Health of Tennessee identifies five goals to advance the work of TPCA members, the state’s 30 community health centers, to create a seamless, comprehensive care network for patients:
  1. Quality of Care for Community Health Center Patients
  2. Sustainable Workforce for Tennessee Community Health Centers 
  3. Impactful Communication and Messaging
  4. Enhanced Payer Relations for Community Health Centers
  5. Post-COVID-19 Transformation
“Despite the intensely challenging last two years for health centers, I’m energized by how our Board of Directors, members, and the TPCA staff worked together to focus on our present and future direction,” said Libby Thurman, TPCA CEO. 
“We wanted to take into account the dynamic healthcare environment, and how the pandemic has radically changed how we interact with our communities," she continued. "We designed the strategic plan to be flexible so we can reach our goals while staying dedicated to our mission and building on TPCA’s success of the last 35 years.”
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