Governance Training for Health Center Boards

Board Training Content
The topics that are covered include an overview of the Community Health Center (CHC) board of directors' duties and responsibilities in the following areas:
  • Legal duties
  • Financial roles including fiscal planning, budget, and the annual audit
  • Overview of HRSA’s 19 Program Requirements
  • The key partnership the board has with the CEO
  • Assuring a quality system of clinical care
  • Planning for the CHC's future
Training Format
The one-hour training format includes presentations and resources for the health center's CEO and board members to utilize. The training will be personalized to meet your specific expectations.
What TPCA Will Need From You
In order to facilitate the training, the form below will request specific information from you. Please complete the items where indicated on the form.
For Community Health Centers that are interested in receiving board of directors training, please complete the form below. This form will allow TPCA to begin the planning and scheduling process for the Governance Training. The appropriate TPCA staff member will follow-up with the contact person listed on the request.