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TPCA continues to monitor the COVID-19 progression in Tennessee and how we can provide support during this public health emergency. We are committed to keeping health centers informed of the latest developments in addition to providing timely and relevant resources.


Vaccine Resources

TPCA Member COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit
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Support the Faith-Based Community in Combating Vaccine Hesitancy
The Tennessee Office of Faith-Based and Community Engagement is looking for any community organizations or advocacy groups who could benefit from a presentation about the vaccines. The office is offering to speak to these groups in a virtual setting – and no group is too big or too small. If you know of a group interested, please have them contact:
Elizabeth Hart | Director
Office of Faith-Based and Community Engagement
p. 615-741-3446 
Patient Engagement and COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach
Patient engagement platforms are offering COVID-19 vaccine outreach functionalities within their platforms. 
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