LGBT Toolkit

The information in this Toolkit is provided by the Tennessee Primary Care Association, in partnership with the Tennessee Health Care Campaign, through a grant from Community Catalyst. Click on any link from the list below to view the related pdf document.


1. Issues Affecting LGBT Health

1-1. Issues Affecting LGBT Health
1-2. Improving the Health Care of LGBT People - Understanding and Eliminating Health Disparities
1-3. Health and Access to Care and Coverage
1-4. LGBT Communities and the Affordable Care Act - Findings from a National Survey
1-5. Moving the Needle - The Impact of the ACA on LGBT Communities
1-6. How New Coverage Options Affect LGBT Communities
1-7. Open Doors for All - Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Protections in Health Care
1-8. Survey on Discrimination Against LGBT People
1-9. Health Insurance Needs for Transgender Americans
1-10. Lesbian and Bisexual Health
1-11. Mistreatment of LGBT Elders
1-12. LGBT Veteran Health Care Fact Sheet

2. Working Effectively with LGBT Individuals

2-1. Working Effectively with LGBT Individuals
2-2. Uninsured LGBT People and the ACA
2-3. Key Lessons for LGBT Outreach and Enrollment Under the ACA
2-4. Out2Enroll Toolkit - August 2015
2-5. Reaching and Assisting LGBT Communities PPT- Out2Enroll
2-6. ACA Enrollment Assistance for the LGBT Community - Resource for Behavioral Health Providers
2-7. Affirmative Care for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming People - Best Practices for Front-Line Health Care Staff
2-8. Helping Families Support Their LGBT Children
2-9. Do Ask Do Tell- Talking to Your Health Care Provider About Being LGBT

3. MAGI and Medicaid Rules for Same-Sex Couples

3-1. MAGI and Medicaid Rules for Married Same-Sex Couples
3-2. Common Complex Scenarios - Eligibility and Household Complications

4. Tax Information for Same-Sex Couples

4-1. FAQs - Individuals of the Same Sex Who Are Married Under State Law
4-2. FAQs - Registered Domestic Partners and Individuals in Civil Unions

5. HIV AIDS and the Ryan White Program

5-1. Ryan White Information for People Living With HIV AIDS in Tennessee
5-2. HRSA Ryan White and the ACA FAQs
5-3. The Ryan White Program and Insurance Purchasing in the ACA Era


Appendix I - LGBT Terminology

Appendix II - Sample Health Forms

Appendix III - Hotlines

Appendix IV - Resources