Open Enrollment 4 Training PowerPoints and Handouts

Materials from the Open Enrollment 4 Training are available by clicking the links below to download the zip files. These files are large and may take several minutes to download. If you have any difficulty accessing or downloading this information, please contact

OE4 Training Resources and Handouts

Agendas: Day 1  |  Day 2
Handouts - Part 1
Handouts - Part 2
PowerPoint Presentations
Pre and Post Tests
TDCI Certificates

Recordings to Stream

O&E Efforts in TN thru Health Insurance Literacy (76.2MB)
Marketplace Renewals thru Data Matching (62.1MB)
Marketplace Appeals (5.68MB)
TennCare Categories (41.7MB)
TennCare Eligiblity Scenarios thru TennCare Redetermination (75.5MB)
TJC's Day 2 Presentation (117MB)