Mid-Level Leader Academy

Applications will be accepted through 5:00PM Central on Friday, July 22nd.

Questions? Contact Dr. Desiree Kelly at desiree.kelly@tnpca.org.

About the Mid-Level Leader Academy
Healthcare organizations today require nimble, capable, change-ready employees, particularly at the middle and front-line management levels. Join us as a Mid-Level Leader Academy participant and learn how to develop as a leader, influence organizational culture, and become more engaged in your work community.

Leadership is one of the key factors that determine an organization's success and a community's wellbeing. In this program, participants will learn timeless leadership principles and tools that can be applied to successfully lead their teams now and in the future.
Mid-Level Leader Academy topics will include:
  • Transitioning to Leadership
  • Leadership Styles
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Effective Communication
  • Building Buy-In and Engagement
The Mid-Level Leader Academy is a virtual series that consists of 6 live sessions, 7 opportunities to schedule virtual small-group coaching sessions, and access to Huron digital learning platform. While we hope accepted attendees can attend all sessions live, we understand that professional or personal obligations may interfere. 
This Academy is free to TPCA members. 
Have questions about the Mid-Level Leader Academy? Contact Dr. Desiree Kelly at desiree.kelly@tnpca.org.