Employee Spotlight: Libby Thurman

Libby Thurman, Chief Executive Officer
What’s your role at TPCA?
I have the honor of serving as the Chief Executive Officer. In this role, I provide leadership and support to the TPCA staff as we strive to offer meaningful services to Tennessee’s community health centers. I wear many hats, but some of my work includes collaborating with the TPCA Board of Directors to implement the Association’s strategic plan, building strong partnerships with stakeholders, representing health centers with policy makers, meeting with health centers to understand their needs, and ensuring that TPCA is financially and operationally sound. 
What excites you about coming to work every day?
No day is ever the same! I enjoy the dynamic environment and feel a great sense of satisfaction when our staff is able to help health centers solve a problem or connect them to a resource. I also truly enjoy working with health center staff—they are the most caring, patient–centered individuals and it’s a pleasure to interact with them.
What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard?
If you are unsure of which direction to take when confronting a challenge, sleep on it. It’s often tempting to make a quick decision to put a challenge in the rearview mirror, but sometimes your mind needs a bit of breathing room to consider the options.
Who’s someone you really admire?
My mother—she raised three daughters on her own after my father passed away at an early age. She raised us to be confident, kind, and to have a sense of humor even when the going gets tough.