Your TPCA membership supports our statewide efforts to improve access to, and delivery of, quality primary health care to Tennessee’s neediest communities.

TPCA offers three categories of membership: Organizational, Associate and Individual:

Organizational Member
Organizations that deliver primary health care services and provide a health care home for patients. Examples are federally qualified health centers, federally qualified health center look-alikes, rural health clinics, community based primary care clinics, and charitable care organizations. Fees are based on the size of the organization’s annual operating budget. (Organizational Member Benefits)

Associate Membership is designed for companies and associations providing products and services to community health centers and underserved communities, managed care organizations, health care organizations and agencies, and health professions training schools. (Associate Member Benefits)

For individuals affiliated with community and charitable care clinics and behavioral health providers offering a sliding fee scale to patients OR any individual who supports the mission of TPCA to bring access to and delivery of quality primary health care to Tennessee’s neediest communities.  Individual members are interested in learning more about and becoming involved in TPCA. (Individual Member Benefits)

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