Information Blocking

Information blocking can occur in many forms.
  • Physicians can experience info blocking when trying to access patient records from other providers, connecting their electronic health record (EHR) systems to local health information exchanges (HIEs), migrating from one EHR to another, and linking their EHRs with a clinical data registry.
  • Patients can also experience info blocking when trying to access their medical records or when sending their records to another provider. 
The ONC Cures Act prevents patients’ electronic health information information blocking practices, and the provider compliance deadline is April 5th. 

Resources on Information Blocking and the ONC Cures Act from HITEQ, ONC, the American Medical Association, and the American Health Information Management Association below.
Medical Group Management Association
American Medical Assocation
American Health Information Management Association

Additional TPCA Resources
If you would like to view a TPCA presentation on Information Blocking, please contact Devin Rush at to receive the video link.