Exclusion and Debarment Service



Did You Know?

As both a federal grantee and receiver of CMS payments/reimbursements, FQHCs are obligated to screen all community health center Employees, Vendors, Contractors, Board Members, and Volunteers on a monthly basis on all state OIG lists, and federal OIG and SAM (debarment) lists.  We know that being fully compliant in this area can be a challenge for many health centers as these obligations can be a burden on health center resources.  Many health centers struggle with having dedicated staff for this task.

We’ve Got You Covered!

TPCA has created a service specifically geared toward FQHCs that will help keep you in compliance and reduce your risk.  We provide full-service monthly Exclusion & Debarment screening that screens your records on the federal OIG list, federal GSA/SAM list and all of the state OIG lists.  After much research, we believe we have acquired the most robust search engine available on the market.  This search engine automatically searches records against known aliases, nicknames and name diminutives. 

The Work is All on US!

Our service is just that – Full Service!  The work is all on us! We screen for you each month, we validate when potential matches come up, and we will reach out to you each month to verify there are no changes to your data.  We also run reports to document your screenings each month to ensure documentation of compliance.


Contact us!  Send us an email at connie.hood@tnpca.org or call at 615.425.5852. We are happy to discuss our service more in-depth and give you a detailed estimate based on the number of records you expect to screen. 

Need more information on your obligations to ensure compliance? For all health center compliance related questions, please contact Cassandra McNulty at Cassandra.mcnulty@tnpca.org or 615.425.5862.