AccuVax is the fastest growing vaccine system to safeguard vaccines, eliminate waste, automate compliance, and maximize patient safety. AccuVax is provided by TruMed Systems, who offer inventory management solutions for vaccines, medications, and materials for clinics, major health systems, and community healthcare facilities throughout the U.S.
  • NEW! AccuVax recently partnered with Merck to help increase adult immunization rates with the use of AccuVax. This partnership is providing an opportunity for the OB/GYN and primary care clinics the use of our AccuVax unit at no cost. Learn more here>>
Testimonials from TPCA Members:

"When we have an inventory discrepancy we have it resolved usually in 10-30 minutes instead of days or weeks.  This system has removed a lot of errors and has simplified our inventory management process.” 
Tammy Madison, RN, Director of Nursing
Chota Community Health Services
  AccuVax and AccuShelf are actively receiving, storing (AccuVax,) and tracking COVID-19 vaccines! Be fully prepared for COVID-19 vaccine with AccuVax® and AccuShelf™

Read more about the TruMed Systems' integration with OSIS here>>>

  "AccuVax is thrilled to partner with community health centers across the country and assist in their services to community health and wellbeing. Our efforts are focused on providing products and services that will improve the staff and providers of community health centers with effective and efficient solutions, allowing them to continue their focus on maximizing their patient care."
- Jesper Jensen, CEO

Interested to see if AccuVax can help you prepare for your upcoming COVID-19 vaccine storage and workflow needs?

AccuVax Contact for Western TN 
Brad Bohannon

AccuVax Contact for Middle TN 
Cindi Landers

AccuVax Contact for Eastern TN
Jessica Fill