Community Health Center Infrastructure

The Biden administration and Congress continue to negotiate on infrastructure packages. Learn more about what this may mean for community health centers:  
The last major investment in infrastructure funding for health centers was more than a decade ago, but in that time, the number of patients cared for by health centers has doubled to 30 million.1 The number of patients served by health centers is projected to grow by 8.5 million patients over the next four years.2 Dedicated infrastructure funding will allow health centers to add new facilities or expand existing sites, and expand services such as behavioral health and substance use programs and oral health care, and school-based services. 
What is the latest on infrastructure packages? 
President Biden released the $2.25 T American Jobs Plan at the end of March and in and is in the midst of negotiations with Seante Republicans. As proposed, the American Jobs Plan includes funding to address infrastructure needs such as roads and bridges, safe drinking water, updated electrical grids, broadband and digital infrastructure. The package additionally encompasses workforce development and investments in home care workers and school and child care centers.  

The Biden administration reduced its original $2.25 T infrastructure proposal by about $550 B to $1.7 T as negotiations with Congress continue. Senate Republicans plan to send a counterproposal to the Biden administration this week that is anticipated to cost $1 T. Infrastructure funding for community health centers is not included in the Biden administration's American Jobs Plan and is not expected to be included in the proposal from Senate Republicans.  

In March, the House Energy & Commerce Committee introduced the "Leading Infrastructure for Tomorrow's America Act" (LIFT America Act), which includes $10 B in capital funding for health centers. 
How can you help?
As infrastructure negotiations continue, advocating for a $10 B investment in community health centers is key to their ability to provide high-quality care to all patients that walk through their doors. Contact your Members of Congress today and urge them to support funding for community health centers! 
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[2] Capital Link. 2021. Capital Investment Trends and Needs of Federally Qualified Health Centers.



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