340B State Legislation: Week of May 3

The Tennessee legislative session is drawing to a close this week, prompting a flurry of activity. Learn more about the status of the bills in the final weeks of the legislative session by reading the newest TPCA blog post: 
On Tuesday, May 4, the Tennessee General Assembly passed legislation to prohibit discriminatory reimbursement in the 340B program. 
The legislation, SB1617/HB1398, sponsored by Senator Reeves and Representative Heltoncontaineda variety of Pharmacy Benefit Manager reforms, including provisions to address discriminatory reimbursement. Among other reforms, the legislation prohibits certain third parties from:
  • Reimbursing a 340B entity less for drugs than a non-340B entity
  • Assessing fees on 340B entities that are not also applied to non-340B entities
  • Excluding 340B entities from networks based on criteria that is not also applied to non-340B entities 
Each of these provisions are also contained in SB1205/HB1348, sponsored by Senator Briggs and Representative Helton, which passed the House. 
Once SB1617/HB1398 is signed by Governor Lee, Tennessee will join states across the country in implementing protections for the 340B program. We are appreciative of each of the bills' sponsors and the advocates who dedicated time and attention to the 340B program and the key role it plays in expanding access to care for the underserved.  



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