Health Care Priorities in the FY23-FY24 Budget

State departments continued presenting their proposed budgets to committees in the Tennessee General Assembly following the release of Governor Lee's proposed budget earlier this month.
Read on to learn more about the Department of Health's FY23-24 budget.
Governor Lee delivered his State of the State address to the Tennessee General Assembly on February 6 in which he highlighted his administrations proposed FY23-24 budget. State departments have begun presenting their portions of the proposed FY23-24 to members of relevant legislative committees. This week, the Department of Health presented its budgets to legislative committees. 
Tennessee Department of Health 
The Tennessee Department of Health appeared before multiple legislative committees this week to review the agency's recommended FY23-24 budget. The Department's total proposed budget is $870M and includes the following priorities: 
  • $6.6M Tennessee Strong Families, which is part of the administration's efforts to improve maternal and infant health and consists of:1 
    • $2.3M perinatal telehealth infrastructure including store and forward technology, remote patient monitoring, and mobile health 
    • $2M perinatal centers and EMS training, 24/7 clinical support for hospitals, and outreach and professional education to hospitals 
    • $1.3M for expansion of CHANT (Community Health Access and Navigation in Tennessee) to provide care coordination for medical, behavioral, and social services 
    • $1M for doula pilot project  
  • $16M for year 2 of the 5-year Dental Services Pilot Program including:2
    • $11M to the state's dental schools to increase slots and create remote clinics
    • $5M to support prosthodontics, dental care for seniors, and recruitment incentives 
  • $7M for the Health Care Safety Net, to partially offset the cost of providing care to uninsured adults through community health centers and charitable and faith-based clinics3
    • $5M for the Health Care Safety Net
    • $2M for the Health Care Safety Net Quality Improvement Initiative 
  • $750,000 to purchase more than 12,000 Naloxone dosses for High Impact Areas4  
  • $722,000 to support school-based dental positions as part of a partnership between TennCare and the Department of Health5 
  • $295,000 for state public health laboratory positions6 
Next Steps for the Budget 
State departments are continuing to present their proposed FY23-24 budgets to respective committees in the House and Senate. The General Assembly can make adjustments to the budget, but both chambers must agree to and pass the budget, which typically happens at the end of the legislative session.  
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