FY23 Appropriations Update

Congress returned to Washington following the Thanksgiving holiday with only a few weeks left to fund the government before the continuing resolution ends on December 16. Read on to learn more about the issues Congress will be focusing on.
Community health centers receive a portion of their funding, known as discretionary funding, through the annual appropriations process. Health centers most recently received $1.7B in discretionary funding in the omnibus spending package passed earlier this year. Congress has yet to pass the 12 FY23 appropriations bills and instead passed a short-term continuing resolution to keep the government funded through December 16. 
What comes next for FY23 appropriations? 
Congress returned to Washington following the Thanksgiving holiday with only a couple of weeks before the December 16 deadline to fund the government. Congress is likely to try to pass an omnibus spending package, rather than another short-term continuing resolution. Another continuing resolution would keep the government funded at current levels until an omnibus bill could be passed.
There is disagreement between Democrats and Republicans regarding what priorities should be included in larger spending package. Democrats hope to include more non-defense spending in a final package, while Republicans would like to include additional defense spending.1 There is also uncertainty regarding specific items Congress will attempt to pass before the end of the year, which could range from additional funding for Ukraine, disaster relief funding and provisions to address taxes and health care.2 
Beyond disagreements between the parties, there are also disagreements on timing of an omnibus package among Republicans. Congress may pass another continuing resolution to buy more time for negotiators to work on a larger package. Congress could also pass a continuing resolution to fund the government into the new year, which would allow the newly elected Members of Congress to take office and shift control of the House to Republicans.3 
What does this mean for community health centers? 
Community health centers are continuing to receive funding at FY22 levels from the most recent continuing resolution. If Congress passes another continuing resolution, level funding will continue, but health centers may receive an increase in discretionary funding through an omnibus package. 
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