University Community Health Services Becomes Connectus Health
Thursday, July 6, 2017

Section: People & Places in the News, June/July 2017

(from Connectus Health)

For 25 years, University Community Health Services has provided high-quality, affordable healthcare to Middle Tennesseans through non-profit community clinics and women’s care centers. The organization is now being rebranded as Connectus Health to better reflect its comprehensive mission and reach.  

“Our origins were as a teaching facility for nursing students, but we’ve evolved into a comprehensive healthcare center offering quality care to anyone in Nashville who needs a healthcare home,” says Caroline Portis-Jenkins, co-CEO of Connectus Health. “Through two Connectus Health locations and Midtown Midwifery, we’re able to truly serve the entire family.”  
Two Connectus community clinics offer primary, women’s, pediatric, specialty, and behavioral health care, along with midwifery services for expectant mothers. The locations often serve new Americans and English language learners, and translation services are offered at no cost. As a Federally Qualified Health Center, the Connectus fee schedule is applied on a sliding scale based on income. TennCare, Cover Kids, Medicare/Medicaid and most private insurance plans are accepted, and Connectus staff members are available to help those seeking to secure health insurance.
Since 2003, the company has also operated on-site health clinics for employers across a range of industries, from state government to manufacturing. Primary, preventive, occupational, and health management care is offered to employees and their families through customized on-site clinics that deliver value for all involved through positive health outcomes.
“As we went through the rebranding process, key themes emerged almost immediately: family, quality, accessibility, cultural sensitivity, a focus on women… but ‘connect’ checked all of those boxes,” Co-CEO Suzanne Hurley says. “Our mission as a non-profit healthcare provider is to connect the community with care, to be a healthcare home for all in need – to connect us.”

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