CHS's Maynardsville Clinic Offers Food Pantry to Patients
(from Cherokee Health Systems)
Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Section: People & Places in the News, April/May 2017

“Food, glorious food!”

So begins the famous song that is so much a part of the Broadway musical “Oliver!” Indeed, food is so important, especially when you don’t have any!

The food pantry at the Cherokee Health Systems’ Maynardville Clinic has become an integral part of the services offered to patients. Serving a largely indigent rural population, the clinic staff learned long ago that hunger is one of the health related issues faced by the patients at their clinic. The staff started a food pantry to address the urgent need for food when patients came to their appointments and were clearly hungry. The staff made every effort to keep the pantry stocked, donating food and hygiene supplies from their own resources. With the need so great, it sometimes felt like a losing battle to keep the shelves full.

A new partnership with Christ United Methodist Church on Maynardville Pike in Knoxville has changed all that. On Monday, March 27th, Pastor Dennie Humphreys and parishioner Vicki Clair arrived with their laden vehicle. The delivery of food they brought that day symbolizes a partnership between the Maynardville Clinic and the Church, which will make a similar delivery every month. 

Clinic Office Manager Amy Ayres was on hand to accept the donation. “This will help tremendously,” she said, looking over the supplies of requested items, including protein-rich soups and stews, cereal staples and baby food. “So many of the patients who come here have nothing. It is so good to help them out. This is truly a blessing.”

Pastor Humphreys and Ms. Clair brought in three large cart loads of food and began stacking the shelves. They listened attentively to the stories that Amy told about the folks who would receive these donated supplies. Pastor Humphreys stated that he believed their church was called to serve the community around them. “We share the good news and the blessings we have received – and so we give,” he shared.

With the shelves newly filled, these two leaders of Christ United Methodist left with a wave – and a promise to return!

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