New TPCA Board President Shares His Vision
Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Section: Spotlight Articles, February 2017

Phillip Tatum, CEO of Three Rivers Community Health Group, will serve as TPCA board president for 2017-2018. As he accepted the gavel from 2015-2016 President Willeen Hastings, CEO of Memphis Health Center, Tatum recognized Hastings for her leadership and shared his vision for the next two years:

“Over the next two years, community health centers in our state will most likely reach new milestones in providing care to Tennesseans. This growth is built on a firmly established foundation. As we approach 40 years as an association, we will confront new challenges and set new goals, and we will continue to work together to continue improving access and outcomes for our patients and the communities we serve.

At Three Rivers Community Health Group, we recently purchased land adjacent to our health center in Linden and plan to expand our services over the next few years with anticipation of adding dental to that location.  At our Lyles facility, we have expanded our dental hours and services.  We hope to expand even more in the upcoming couple of years.   

The same vision is true for our association. We have strength in numbers and should be extremely proud. Our true success will be measured by how we leverage numbers and use them to benefit the greater good. I am truly excited about what’s ahead in the upcoming years and I look forward to achieving remarkable things with all of you.”

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