New Southside Health Center Opens
Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Section: People & Places in the News, May 2018

(from WDEF-TV)

Erlanger Health System celebrated the opening of their new Community Health Center Southside in April. It offers OB-GYN, primary care, pediatric, lab, and radiology services to the Southside and St. Elmo communities.

“We are extremely proud to offer a great range of healthcare services to those living in the Southside and St. Elmo communities,” said Angel Moore, vice president and CEO of Erlanger Community Health Centers. “This beautiful new facility will provide more convenient and accessible medical services to those living in this area.”

The opening ceremony also paid tribute to retiring state lawmaker Joanne Favors, who worked at the old Southside clinic and was a healthcare advocate in the legislature.

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