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  Tailored Physician Recruitment That Drives Placements
Physician recruiting is not a one size fits all solution.

With the industry’s most advanced technology, we have developed tailored services built to place the right physicians for every organization. Find the service that fits your needs.
Experience matters.
At Adaptive, you can rest assured knowing that your most difficult and urgent rural placements are being addressed efficiently and competently by a dedicated team that has experience with FQHC's nationwide. With our experienced recruiters and tech-forward data, Adaptive Medical Partners’ approach to physician recruiting is unlike any other in the country.

In a recent survey, over 50% of Adaptive's primary care searches were with FQHC's, so our team is used to working through the unique challenges that your health centers face.
  • Adaptive’s recruiters have an average of 11 years of experience in physician recruitment, placing them at 4 times the national average.
  • Adaptive values quality over quantity–on average, it takes 1.4 candidates for our recruiters to fill an open search.
  • Adaptive’s technology produces higher response rates, better connectivity, and real-time insight for healthcare organizations.
Placement Fee Deferral Program (PDP)
  • In response to nationwide budget cuts, Adaptive has introduced the PDP to ensure the best candidate fit for your organization.
  • Revenue generated by the new provider helps off-set the placement fee. 
  • Leverage the Placement Fee Deferral Program today to get started!
“There is a difference between fit versus fill. Rest easy in the promise that we care about retention and fit. The long track record of successful placements and faith in our team has led to the “Placement Fee Deferral Program”. Only pay half of the placement fee until your new candidate has proven to be fit for 90 days.”
 - Scott Edwards, CEO and Co-Founder
Testimonials from TN's Community Health Centers:
"I would highly recommend Adaptive to anyone, especially FQHC's, because they understand the requirements and restrictions we are working with."
 - Teresa Dabney, Community Health of East TN

" We would recommend working with AMP to organizations seeking full time providers. With a competitive market and in a location that isn't always attractive to providers, AMP has been able to present us with quality candidates to interview and we have been able to hire a Medical Director."
 - Gayanne Williams, Citizens of Lake County for Health Care