AccuVax and Merck

AccuVax recently partnered with Merck to help increase adult immunization rates with the use of AccuVax.

This partnership is providing an opportunity for the OB/GYN and primary care clinics the use of our AccuVax unit at no cost. This is a unique opportunity for some of your clinics to safely house vaccines inside a AccuVax for free, eliminating a financial risk and workflow barrier that often plays an underlying factor in missed opportunities towards lifesaving vaccinations.

From the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology: 
→ Young-adult women in a study had missed opportunities for human papillomavirus immunization, and significant racial disparity was observed
→ Greatest frequency of missed opportunities occurred with visits for either contraception or for sexually transmitted disease screening
→ Several studies have demonstrated that most young adult women 19–26 years of age do not have antibodies to the high-risk HPV types most commonly associated with cancer and included in the vaccines

Join the Program, Promote Immunizations

Qualifications to participate, the vaccine purchasing history of the individual practice location will need to be consistent with the below specified criteria:
  1. Participating Physician Offices of OB/GYN (obstetrics/ gynecology) specialty will have purchased less than 40 doses of Gardasil ® 9 in the prior 12 month period and have 4 or more practitioners in the office.
  2. Participating Physician Offices of FP/GP (family practice, general practice, and other non OB/GYN practices) will have purchased less than 40 doses of Gardasil ® 9 AND less than 60 doses of Pneumovax ® 23 in the prior 12 month period while having 4 or more practitioners in the office.
Please contact Jessica Fill or Cindi Landers if you feel any of your clinics would find this useful to further explore.