2023 UDS Toolkit | Digital Notebook



UDS Acronyms Used (same list found in UDS Manual, Appendix I, beginning on Page 201) 
2023 Training Agenda 
2023 UDS Training Evaluation Link 

Training – Chapters by Section 
2023 UDS Annual Training Presentation Slide Deck (Full page slides | Three slides per page with space for notes

  • Overview: Who, What, Where, When, and Why of the UDS (Slides 1-16) 
  • Patient Profile: ZIP Code Table, Tables 3A, 3B, and 4 (Slides 18-33) 
  • Clinical Services and Outcomes: Tables 5, 6A, 6B, and 7 (Slides 34-94) 
  • Financials: Tables 8A, 9D, and 9E (Slides 95-126) 
  • Other Forms: Health Information Technology, Other Data Elements, and Workforce (Slides 128-134) 
  • Setting up for Success (Slides 135-145) 

Reporting Guidance Resource Files 

Reporting Requirements 
2023 UDS Manual
2023 UDS Tables (PDF)
Health Center Changes and UDS Reporting FAQ This addresses questions about health center changes such as a new health center award or designation, new services or sites, or health center organizational changes. 

Staffing and Utilization Page 
Counting UDS Visits Guidance
Nurse Visit Guidance
Virtual Visits Guide
Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Addendum

Clinical Care Page 
Table 6A Code Changes 
Helpful Codes for HIV and PrEP Measures 
2023 Clinical Measures Descriptions Handout
Telehealth Impact on Clinical Measures Reporting 
UDS Clinical Measures Exclusions and Exceptions 

Financials Page 
Financial Tables Reporting Considerations 
COVID-19 Funding UDS Reporting Guidance 
Reporting Donations 

Additional Reporting Topics Page 
Crosswalk of Standardized Social Risk Factor Screeners 
Outreach and Enrollment Assists Reporting 

System Resources 
User Guide for Accessing the UDS in EHBs 
Checklist for UDS Submission 

Data Resources 
2022 State Performance Indicators Statistics  
UDS 2022 Roll-Ups National Universal
Look-Alike (LAL) 2021 Roll-Ups National Universal 


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