Meetings & Trainings

Current resources are listed in order from the most recent. A link to the previous year's meeting and training resources is at the end of the list.


EPSDT Billing and Coding (January 30)


UDS Training Files (December 6)

Behavioral Health Training: Trauma-Informed Care and Motivational Interviewing (November 27)

Workforce Development Training (July 13)

Special Populations: Migrant Worker Training (June 28)

Medical Directors Meeting and Networking Lunch (June 14)

MCO Provider Portal Webinar (June 13)
CEO/CFO/COO Training - Capital Link (April 25)
HR Training Series: Collecting and Analyzing HR Data Webinar (April 18)
CEO/CFO/COO Training - Capital Link (February 21)

UDS Training (December 7)

i2iTracks Training (November 14 through November 17)
Changes in Scope: Medicaid PPS Webinar (November 1)
BKD has developed a template that health centers can use to estimate their PPS rate when filing for a Medicaid change in scope. 

Annual Leadership Conference (October 5 through 6)
Thursday, October 5 - 10:30 am
Thursday, October 5 - 1:00pm
Thursday, October 5 - 2:45pm
Friday, October 6

Annual Leadership Conference Boot Camps (October 4)  

EPSDT and Coding (September 21)

Transformation Managment Series, Part Two (August 9)
  • Agenda for Training
  • Value-Based Payment Financial Modeling - Peter Epp (PDF)
  • Health Centers and The Data: Using DATA Effectively in a World of Payment Reform - Chris Espersen | Melissa Stratman (PDF)

Financial Policies and Procedures Webinar (June 22)
Clinical Webinar: Integrated Pharmacy (May 25)

Human Resources Webinar (May 18)

Transformation Management Series, Part 1 (May 17)

Tri-State Oral Health Summit (May 12-13)

Federal Law Compliance Requirements for Women's Reproductive Health Webinar (January 26)

Uniform Data System (UDS) Training (December 8)
Tennessee PPS Change of Scope Webinar (October 4)
Annual Leadership Conference (September 28-30)
Patient-Centered Medical Homes - NCQA Survey Types, Application and Survey Tool Process (August 23)
CEO Meeting (August 17)
CFO Meeting (August 17)
Patient-Centered Medical Homes - PCMH 6 Webinar (August 16)
Group Purchasing: "Exploiting the Full Benefit of Your GPO Affiliation" Webinar (August 4)
Patient-Centered Medical Homes - PCMH 5 Webinar (August 2)
Health+ Webinar (July 26)
Tennessee Department of Health Incentives Program Overview (July 21)
Patient-Centered Medical Homes - PCMH 4 Webinar (July 19)
Operations Webinar Series: Building Leadership Capacity to Prepare for Value-Based Care (July 14)
Patient-Centered Medical Homes - PCMH 3 Webinar (July 6)
Patient-Centered Medical Homes - PCMH 2 Webinar (June 24)
Patient-Centered Medical Homes - PCMH 1 Webinar ( June 3)
Caring for the Underserved -- Innovative Pharmacy Practice Integration Webinar (May 10)
CEO/CFO/COO Meeting (May 18)
Primary Care Recruiting -- Everyone's New Priority (April 27)
Operations Webinar Series: Accelerating Strategies to Address the Social Determinants of Health (April 20)
NACHC's ViP Purchasing Marketplace Webinar (April 14)
19 Regulatory Requirements Training (March 29-30)
Health Care Innovation Initiative (March 8)
CQCH Quality Improvement Program (March 2)
Five Fundamentals to Launching a Telehealth Initiative Webinar (February 25)
Oral Health Workgroup Webinar (February 23)