Connections April 2016 - Care Coordination

State Announces Care Coordination Tool Vendor

(from the Tennessee Division of Health Care Finance and Administration)

The State of Tennessee Division of Health Care Finance and Administration is pleased to announce that it has selected Altruista Health as the vendor for its Care Coordination Tool. Altruista Health was selected as the best evaluated proposer through the state’s competitive procurement process.

The tool will alert participating practices when one of their attributed patients has had an admission, discharge or transfer from a hospital, such as a visit to the emergency room. The tool will also alert providers of potential gaps in care, needed services their patients may not have received. Additionally, the tool will show patient risk scores, which will allow care coordinators to reach out to patients with a higher likelihood of adverse health events.

The care coordination tool will become available to primary and behavioral health providers by the end of 2016. The care coordination tool will initially be available to providers participating in Patient Center Medical Homes (PCMH) and Health Homes programs. (For more information about these programs, click here.)