Get to Know 340B: Update on the PROTECT 340B Act of 2021

Advocacy is critical to ensuring federal legislation to protect the 340B program moves forward in Congress. Read on to learn more about how you can advocate for the PROTECT 340B Act of 2021.
Federal legislation, H.R. 4390, the PROTECT 340B Act of 2021 would protect the 340B program by prohibiting Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) and insurers from engaging in ‘pick-pocketing.' The bill would prohibit third parties from retaining savings intended for health centers for themselves, specifically for 340B medications covered by private insurance and Medicare Parts C and D. Although Tennessee passed state legislation to prohibit discriminatory reimbursement practices, H.R. 4390 is needed to ensure these protections apply to Medicare and expand protections nationwide.
Status of the PROTECT 340B Act of 2021 
Despite steadily increasing support in Congress, additional co-sponsors are needed to ensure the legislation progresses and to demonstrate the importance of the 340B program more broadly. To date, there are 49 co-sponsors of H.R. 4390, including Representative Elise Stefanik, Chair of the House Republican Conference, who recently released a statement in support of the legislation.  
How You Can Help
Tennessee's Members of the House have yet to sign on as co-sponsors of the legislation. Please reach out to your Member of the House of Representatives and ask them to consider becoming a co-sponsor of the legislation. Garnering additional support for this bill is necessary to ensure its progress and to raise awareness about the significance of the 340B program. The following toolkit contains information to support advocacy efforts, including talking points, one-pagers, and template emails to Congress.  



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