Policy Update - April 14, 2016

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- Safety Net Reduction Restored
- Tennessee 3-Star Healthy Project

Safety Net Reduction Restored

On Wednesday, April 13, TPCA learned that the Senate Budget Appropriations Subcommittee and the House Finance Subcommittee approved $3.2 million in Safety Net Funds. This is a huge victory for health centers! This amount will be in addition to the $9.3 million proposed by the Tennessee Department of Health, bringing total Safety Net funding for FY 2017 to $12.5 million. Without the additional funding appropriated by the budget committees, FQHCs and charitable clinics would have experienced a 31% reduction over the FY 2016 Safety Net funding amount and a 22% reduction over the historical $12 million that has been appropriated. There was a larger than expected budget surplus this year, and therefore was a lot of competition for funding (265 amendment requests). Thank you to all members and other health center advocates who worked hard to help legislators understand the importance of this funding! 

Tennessee Three-Star Healthy Project

Earlier this week, Governor Haslam and Speaker Beth Harwell announced the “3-Star Healthy Project”, which is a task force that will put together proposals to submit to CMS as alternatives to Insure Tennessee. Appointed members are Representatives Cameron Sexton (R-25), Matthew Hill (R-7), Steve McManus (R-96) and Roger Kane (R-89); no Senate members were announced. Few details are available at this point, but one idea is to launch pilots in different areas of the state and then phase in successful pilots. Governor Haslam and Speaker Harwell emphasized that the pilots must adhere to conservative principles and must have circuit breakers and cost thresholds. TPCA will keep members apprised of new information about the 3-Star Healthy Project.




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