Join TPCA: Partners, Sponsors, and Exhibitors

Partnership, Sponsorship, and Exhibitor Opportunities

The Tennessee Primary Care Association values partnerships that help facilitate our Organizational Members’ ability to better serve Tennessee’s underserved communities. Organizations have the opportunity to support TPCA as Partners, Event Sponsors, orConference Exhibitors.

Platinum Partners: These key partners receive face-to-face access with health center decision-makers, and they participate in TPCA's Annual Conference and President's Dinner.

Gold Partners:
 These partners participate in our Annual Leadership Conference and President's Dinner as sponsors, and have the opportunity to sponsor an event, recption, or dinner that includes face-to-face time with health center leaders.

Silver Partners: These partners participate in our Annual Leadership Conference and have the oppotunity to sponsor the President's Dinner and a TPCA traning.

TPCA Conference Exhibitor: This level of support focuses on the TPCA Leadership Conference.

Event Sponsorship: The Sponsorship option provides organizations with the opportunity to support a TPCA event regardless of whether or not they are able to attend.


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