Section: TPCA & Beyond, September 2018
TPCA Welcomes New Office Assistant
Dorothy Roth joined TPCA in August as the office assistant. Though new to TPCA, Roth has several years of health center experience, having served as administrative assistant and a Certified Application Counselor at Lifespan Health. Roth graduated cum laude with an associate of science degree from Jackson State Community College.
Nominations Accepted Through September 7 for TPCA Awards of Excellence
Is there someone on your staff or in your community who needs to be recognized for contributing to your center’s success? Nominate him or her for a TPCA Award of Excellence!

Each year, TPCA honors health center staff, board members, and community supporters for their exceptional gifts of time, effort, and dedication to the community health movement. Nominations are being accepted now for the Awards of Excellence, to be presented at the 2018 Annual Leadership Conference. The awards will be presented at the Awards of Excellence Luncheon on Friday, October 5.

Award information and nomination forms for the following categories can be found on TPCA’s website.
TPCA Receives Mission Award from i2i
TPCA was recently honored by i2i with a Mission Award. The award recognizes TPCA’s efforts toward “raising the bar in collaboration and teamwork with both i2i and health centers, demonstrating our shared mission to serve others for healthy communities.”
HRSA: "The Future Is Now" for Telehealth
(from HRSA)

William England of the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP) noted recently that the concept of telehealth was first featured in popular science journals of the 1920s. By the 1980s, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) was the leading federal agency in funding and promoting the technology.

In 1988, HRSA's first telehealth programs launched in the FORHP. Four years later, the Office for the Advancement of Telehealth was formally established. Today, it's a $23 million enterprise supporting projects in all 50 states and eight territories. Technologies include Internet-based technical assistance, provider-to-provider (and patient-to-provider) videoconferencing, "store-and-forward" diagnostic imaging, streaming media, and closed-circuit communications.

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The Role of CHCs in Addressing the Opioid Epidemic
(from the Kaiser Family Foundation)

Community health centers play an important role in efforts to address the opioid epidemic. In many communities, they are on the front lines of the epidemic and have become an important source of treatment for those with opioid use disorder (OUD).

This issue brief presents findings from a 2018 survey of community health centers on health center activities related to the prevention and treatment of OUD. Survey responses indicated that health centers have expanded treatment services in response to the escalating crisis, yet treatment capacity challenges remain. Additionally, health centers in Medicaid expansion states seem to be more equipped to respond to the epidemic in their states than are those in non-expansion states.

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