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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Section: TPCA News, July 2016

Raymond Mitchell
Member Services Director

Responsibilities include developing and implementing educational offerings for members; managing placement programs for health professions students and residents in Community Health Centers; managing the Association's group purchasing activities; and coordinating the membership renewal process.

I've worked at TPCA since ... January 2010.
In my spare time, I enjoy ... going to the movies (science fiction is my favorite); listening to and going to see live music; and cooking for friends and family. I'm also learning to play golf with my dad.
My favorite part of working with health centers is ... seeing the positive outcomes and the benefits that our members receive as a result of the services and trainings we provide.
A personal goal
... I want to write a book one day.
You may not know
... I toured the country for three years as a Jubilee Singer while a student at Fisk University. (I do not sing publicly anymore, but I still sing from time to time in the shower!)

Rhonda Keen
Executive Assistant

Responsibilities include scheduling and managing meetings for the CEO and board of directors; maintaining records of corporate documents and contracts; planning and coordinating events; and assisting with day-to-day operations and facility management.

I've worked at TPCA since ... November 2009.
In my spare time, I enjoy ... visiting my father in South Florida, where we fish way out in the ocean; boating; spending time with my three grandchildren; and working in the yard.
My favorite part of working with health centers is ...getting to work with the many spectacular and mission-driven people who enable the health centers to achieve their remarkable successes.
A personal goal ... It's difficult to have just one goal at my age, so I have three: exercise often, eat healthy, and read more.
You may not know ... I was a good kid growing up, and my parents expected that since there were six of us. However, one time in my early teens and very late at night, I collected more than 100 driveway reflectors from other house located miles around our house and put them all in my parents' front yard. They were surprised the next morning! I still feel guilty about that; I hope my father doesn't read this ...

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