Matthew Walker Celebrates a Decade in Clarksville
Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Section: People & Places in the News, October/November 2017

(from Matthew Walker Comprensive Health Center)

Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center's Clarksville location celebrated 10 years of serving Montgomery County and surrounding areas. When the center was originally chartered in 2007, patient options for affordable medical and dental care in the Clarksville area were limited. With the support of individuals like Representative Joe Pitts, Senator Mark Green, James Halford Jr., and many others, the center has been able to provide more than 31,000 patient visits in the past decade.

“We are honored to be a part of this wonderful community,” said Katina Beard, CEO of Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center. “Since we started the clinic in 2007, Montgomery County residents and business partners have wrapped their arms around us and that means so much. 

“We are taking this tie to just say ‘thank you’ to a few of the many that have helped to make sure Montgomery County has access to quality medical and dental services regardless of a person’s availability of insurance.”

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